A flagship boutique that prioritizes people, ideas and a sense of place.

AHLEM’s Paris atelier is located at 9 rue du Dragon in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, at the epicenter of the city’s cultural and intellectual life. As the historic playground of bohemian Left Bank artists and the present-tense home to upscale shopping and dining experiences, Saint-Germain resonates on both spiritual and practical levels for AHLEM, a luxury independent label informed by creative subcultures and radical modern thought.

The sculptural space, imagined by Stockholm-based design agency Specific Generic, draws inspiration from the aesthetic encounter between two of Ahlem Manai-Platt’s favorite modernists: Constantin Brâncuși and Isamu Noguchi. Using Noguchi’s 1927 drawing “Paris Abstraction” as a reference point, the interior balances voids and built structures, effortlessly incorporating natural materials such as glass, walnut, metal, concrete and plaster. Elements of craftsmanship, including sculpted plaster and hammered wood, evoke a dialogue between masters. The ultra-luxe boudoir de marque offers an intimate refuge for sur-mesure custom frames, individual consultations and private viewings.


The atelier’s integration of geometric voids and substance is in dialogue with Isamu Noguchi’s 1928 drawing “Paris Abstraction,” incorporating kindred sculptural curves, lines and waveforms.


Nodding to Noguchi, modernism and the historic patina of Paris itself, the space commits to natural materials in a variety of finishes and textures: nubbly rugs, polished concrete, walnut built-ins, smoked glass, sculpted plaster, mirrored surfaces and limewash paint. Each detail suggests a conversation between fellow artisans.


In the spirit of artistic collaboration, AHLEM Paris was brought to life by Stockholm-based studio Specific Generic. Among its architects, Andreas Fornell, a longtime friend of AHLEM founder Ahlem Manai-Platt, alongside Maja Bernvill, contributed significantly to the project.