Care For Your Frame

With proper care, AHLEM’s heirloom-quality eyewear will bring you years of use and pleasure. Incorporating a few simple maintenance rituals into your routine will extend your frames’ longevity and keep them in optimal working condition.

Daily Maintenance Rituals

AHLEM lenses are fortified with special oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings to repel oil and water. These coatings keep our lenses clean for longer periods of time but require specific care.

As most lens damage comes from improper cleaning, we recommend that you clean your lenses daily with our premium microfiber cloth versus cotton or paper products.

Microfiber has tiny pockets that collect and remove particles on the lens surface. Cotton and paper products push and drag dirt particles across the lens, causing micro-scratches and reducing the lifespan of your eyewear.

Weekly Maintenance Rituals

We recommend that you deep clean your frame once a week using mild soap (preferably neutral PH) and our premium microfiber cloth.

Apply a few drops of mild soap to your fingers, lather them underwater and massage soap foam to your lenses and frame (avoid direct contact with pure soap) to break down dirt build-up and sweat residue.

Complete the ritual by rinsing your frame and lenses in warm water and dry with your microfiber cloth.

Signs It’s Time

Red Marks at Nose Bridge

It is important that your glasses feel secure and lightweight. If your frames start to feel heavy, it’s time for an adjustment.

Feeling pressure behind your ears?

Any sensation of pinching or discomfort is an indication you should visit an AHLEM specialist for an adjustment.

In need of an adjustment?

Frames should remain secure for everyday activities. An absolutely perfect fit and adjusted frame will live firmly and confidently on your face without slipping or pinching.

It’s natural for your frame’s screws to loosen over time, but an AHLEM specialist can tighten and adjust your frame to restore it to its original shape. You’ll recognize your frame or clip-on needs this adjustment if your design feels loose or insecure.