AHLEM is committed to superior craftsmanship: We never compromise quality for convenience. Each piece is handmade in France in small batches to achieve an impossibly high standard of quality and tells a story of artisanal expertise: Throughout production, glasses travel to three specialized ateliers and into the hands of nine skilled artisans, each with a particular craft passed down through generations.


Raw Cut by Hand

Our acetate temples are raw cut by hand, with a matte finish. We celebrate the imperfections that come from raw cuts of one-of-a-kind slabs and unique colorways. 

Plant-Based Acetate

We use plant-based acetate, which is derived from cotton and is considered among the finest in the world.

Custom Hinge

We developed a revolutionary technology that ensures performance and longevity of your frame. Our proprietary hinge has 5 barrels, a curved anchor, a wide hinge inlaid deep into the acetate for a secure connection and durability.

Signature Core

In our acetate temples, the filigree, inspired by Bauhaus, plays with repetitions and variations of our signature round and triangle shapes.


Triangle Signature

Drawing inspiration from our signature triangular and circular shapes and evocative of our iconic Bauhaus visual language. Each temple tip goes through a hand-painting process featuring burgundy, navy blue, or green color.

Titanium Nose Pads

Titanium nose pads are engraved with our Bauhaus shapes and offer optimal comfort and support. They are age resistant, anti-corrosive, and won’t oxidize even if exposed to moisture and high temperatures.

Hammered Method

Metal frames incorporate a hand-hammered technique inspired by an ancient Japanese practice, specially developed for us. Artisans in France treat each frame with martelé, a hammering method that creates entirely unique pieces.

Filigree Engraving

On select metal frames, our laser-engraved filigree plays with Bauhaus shapes and is echoed by the beveled temples.


22k Gold Electrodipped

Age resistant, anti-corrosive, and won’t oxidize even if exposed to moisture and high temperatures. Our metal parts are electrodipped in 22k gold bath that fortifies each piece with exceptional stability & beauty, along with a fine finish.

Eco Friendly Lenses

Our eco-friendly lenses are offered in a variety of colorways. In addition to providing superb UVA/UVB protection, they include a built-in backside anti-reflective coating to resist glare, dust, and scratches.