No other musician moves between genres with the consummate ease of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame than nominee Beck.

Since the 1993 explosion of the unintentional anthem “Loser,” Beck has continually made quantum evolutionary leaps and hard stylistic 180s seem natural throughout the breadth of his staggering musical output.

From the multiplatinum jams of Odelay and the fluorescent funk of Midnite Vultures to the somber reflections of Sea Change and its optimistic counterpart (and Album of the Year Grammy winner) Morning Phase, Beck has drawn from bluegrass, punk, hip-hop, funk and folk traditions, consistently foraging the past to create sounds that predict the future. For more than two decades, his fascination with the possibilities of sound and vision has made him an icon of musical innovation as well as personal style.

AHLEM for BECK. A film by Bo Platt.

In both his sonic and personal stylings, Beck is notorious for pattern-mixing and experimentation, juxtaposing the iconic and the obscure to synthesize compelling new sounds and visuals that are unmistakably his own. Beck's work reveals an instinct for interweaving tempos, genres and eras; in his personal style, this translates into a kaleidoscope of textures (velvet, satin), prints (polka dots, palm trees, stripes), colors (powder blues, blasts of red) and accessories (wide-brimmed hats, AHLEM sunglasses). Remixing source material plumbed from the ’60s and ’70s—tributes to David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg and the Clash abound—as well as the ever-present influence of his native Southern California, with its mélange of subcultures and eternal sunshine, Beck creates a language of self-expression that’s intuitive, idiosyncratic and always cool.

AHLEM for BECK Acetate frame in Smokedlight

Beck’s limited-edition capsule collection for AHLEM fuses his impeccable sensibility with AHLEM’s award-winning French craftsmanship. The collaboration is the culmination of years of mutual respect between Ahlem Manai-Platt and Beck, who has long worn AHLEM frames on tour and at leisure. Reflecting the dual facets of Beck’s nature—the off-duty Angeleno and the on-duty rock star—the two collectible pieces draw on classic references to produce original eyewear of immaculate integrity.

AHLEM for BECK Metal frame in Champagne

The acetate frame, sculpted from premium plant-sourced Italian acetate, incorporates Beck’s favorite AHLEM design signatures: unexpected geometry, a classical keyhole bridge, a Deco-style step bisecting the midline, and Bauhaus accents on the temple core. The result is a timeless, everyday frame infused with individuality and low-key glamour.

Custom packaging and a microfiber cloth featuring one of his own watercolor artworks accompanies each pair.

AHLEM for BECK supports DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS through the sales of this collection.