For clients seeking the ultimate in luxury and exceptional service, AHLEM is pleased to offer a Bespoke Experience to create your one-of-a-kind frame based on the specifications of your unique face, personality and desires.


Initial Consultation

Upon contact, the collaboration begins. During the initial consultation at one of AHLEM's ateliers, we will take precision measurements and discuss your vision, inspiration and references. Co-design with us macro elements such as shape, proportions, lenses and materials, and micro elements such as hardware, finishes, and engraving.


Then, on to the creative process. We will collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. Your input on color, shape, and material guides our design process. We will offer feedback and present mockups until you are satisfied with the final result, ensuring a harmonious blend of your desires and our expertise.


AHLEM's master artisans get to work. Every AHLEM frame is made from scratch by a team of skilled artists working in concert. Over a sequence of nearly 200 steps per piece, each specialist contributes their unique talent- polishing, cutting acetate, laser-engraving, beveling, hand-painting and more - which has been cultivated and perfected over a lifetime. As individuals, these artisans obsess like soloists over the smallest details of their part. Collectively, they perform the choreography of creation.

Our Bespoke Experience provides the luxury of originality: your concept, brought to life by AHLEM's award-winning craftsmanship. Each pair is a co-creation between you and us: absolutely singular, down to the last detail.