The Perfect Fit

When it comes to selecting your eyewear, the perfect fit is essential for style & comfort. If you already wear glasses or sunglasses, you can use your existing frames as a reference. Look at the inside of the left temple; you will see two numbers separated by a .

The first number references the size in mm of a single lens and the second number references the bridge size or distance between the lenses.

These numbers can help you find frames that are the correct size. Keep in mind that these numbers don’t tell the whole story, and there is likely wiggle room on either side.

Face Shapes

While each face is unique, there are five general face shapes that you can use to guide your eyewear selection: oval, round, square, base up and base down triangular and diamond.

These face shapes can help you pick out the right frame, but we believe that personal style is the most important aspect of selecting frames.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which frame to select, reach out to our opticians at Our opticians are specially trained to help you select the perfect pair of eyewear. They would be happy to help you!

Square Face

A square face is also about as wide as it is tall but has sharp defined features. People with a square face should consider wearing rounder frames. Avoid frames that are very angular.

Oval Face

Overall, the oval face shape is very balanced face shape longer than is tall. People with an oval face can wear any shape, but they should pay particular attention to the size of the frame and avoid oversize frames.

Round Face

A round face has soft features and is about as wide as it is tall. People with a round face should consider angular frames with a contrasting shape (square or triangle). Consider frames that are wider and narrower to create a lengthening effect of the face or a tear drop shape like an aviator. Avoid cat-eye shapes which often have the effect of widening the face.

Base Down Triangular Face

A base down triangular face is wider at the chin than at the forehead. People with this face shape should consider bold colors or a frame with a distinctive brow line.

Base Up Triangular Face

The base up triangle is wider at the forehead with a narrow chin. People with this face shape should consider a more understated frame with a softer shape.

Diamond Face

A diamond face is wider at the center than the upper & lower portions of the face. A person with a diamond face should consider an understated frame in a light to medium weight in a lighter color or metal.