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Information & Care Guide

We’d like to thank you for choosing AHLEM.

AHLEM sunglasses offer a wide range of lenses to protect your eyes from harmful sun radiation.

These products comply with the EU regulation 2016/425, according to the EN ISO 12312-1:2013/A1:2015 standard (Sunglasses for general use).

Recommendations for maintenance and storage:

Wash lenses with clean water. Delicately wipe with a soft cloth or leave to air dry.

Regularly check your frame to inspect for damages. Damaged or scratched frames and lenses must be replaced.

Store your glasses in a dry place in their original case and keep away from intense heat. 

AHLEM sun lenses protect you from solar radiation.


• Do not use to look directly at the sun

• These do not offer suitable protection against artificial light sources (e.g. sunbeds)

• These will not protect your eyes against physical risks (e.g. impacts)

• Lenses with light transmission rate below 75% are not suitable for driving in the evening or at night

• Lenses with light transmission rate below 8% are not suitable for driving (category 4)

AHLEM lenses protect against the risk of ocular lesions caused by exposure to the sun (other than when looking directly at the sun).

The chart shows the specifications, categories and appropriate user recommendations for each type of lens. The category is indicated on the packaging label. Refer to the chart for information on the category lens type of your sunglasses.

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