Our Values

Concern for sustainability and the environment is fundamental to our identity and values. Working toward sustainability asks that we go beyond isolated acts. It urges a holistic reimagination of how we consume, produce, and practice business. We believe in investing in fewer, finer things and products that are built to last.

Our Product

Our small-batch, artisan glasses are built for longevity in both style and fabrication. Our belief is that simple, elegant designs executed in superior materials will produce objects that can last a lifetime. To maintain the highest standard of quality and consistency, our production runs are capped at 300 pieces. Concern for sustainability and the environment is more than a platitude—it’s fundamental to our identity and values as an independent business.

Our Partners

AHLEM partners only with factories that share our ideals and are committed to environmentally sensitive practices. AHLEM eyewear is produced entirely in France, a country that shares our sense of urgency on environmental issues. France’s long legacy of celebrating heritage craftsmanship is another persuasive consideration in making it our home for production. We are proud to join them in supporting and preserving the traditions and expertise of regional French artisans, whose work we deeply value and respect.